Introducing sustainability where we can is not enough for us. Sustainability gets top priority in everything we do, and so our principles are:


‘We exclusively work with certified tanneries’

'We use organic cotton wherever possible’

'We process recycled materials in our products wherever possible’

'We ensure fair working conditions throughout the entire chain’

‘We design ageless products to be used for years and years’

Labour practice code for suppliers

All suppliers who contribute to our products must comply with the Shabbies Amsterdam code of conduct for suppliers. The code specifies the minimum requirements for labour conditions based on the International Labour Organization Convention and the UN principles. This includes the right of all workers to join unions, the right to a living wage, reasonable working hours, safe working conditions and a legally binding working relationship. Child labour and any type of discrimination are strictly prohibited.


Some of the policy guidelines that help us achieve our goals are the labour practice code for suppliers and our policy on the use of sustainable materials.





Sustainable materials policy 

Our sustainable materials policy outlines our ambition to reduce the environmental impact of our products. For our leather only hides may be used that have been rated in tanneries by the Leather Working Group (LWG) at a gold or silver level. The policy further stipulates that only leather that is a by-product from the meat and dairy industry may be used. Hides must come from countries with a high standard of animal welfare.