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Shabbies Amsterdam new collectionShabbies Amsterdam new collection


Fred de la Bretoniere and Shabbies share the same heritage. By the creation of our founding father Fred de la Bretonière both brands became interwoven with each other. Connected as two sisters. In 2005 Shabbies Amsterdam dreamed up a new shoe. Inspired by the strong-willed women Shabbies Amsterdam so admired, they brought a shabby edge to a bold boot. A new bold boot brand was born. Nowadays a scale of espadrilles in summer and sneakers in winter are added to the collection. Our designs may seem simple at first but because we are combining true craftsmanship with European production; each design becomes a unique piece. When you touch, feel and experience our products you will feel the years of experience in shoe- and bag making. All shoes and bags become more beautiful and full of character with every step you take. The luxury leather products of Shabbies Amsterdam make women feel confident, strong and beautiful. Shabbies Amsterdam: the ultimate boot brand.



Check out the luxury leather products of Shabbies Amsterdam. You will see that they’re different. That’s because Shabbies Amsterdam creates his own path and only uses the best materials. Whatever shoe or bag you choose, they guarantee a bold look and great attention to detail combined with true craftsmanship. All their shoes, bags and accessories will boost your personality as they get better with time: becoming full of character with every step you take.