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  1. Insole-wool
    Insole wool
  2. Carbon-Pro-spray-300-ml
    Carbon Pro spray 300 ml
  3. Supreme-wax-spray-200-ml
    Supreme wax spray 200 ml
  4. DFNS-footwear-cleaner-gel-185-ml
    DFNS footwear cleaner gel 185 ml
  5. DFNS-footwear-refresher-150-ml
    DFNS footwear refresher 150 ml
  6. DFNS-footwear-protector-85-ml
    DFNS footwear protector 85 ml
  7. DFNS-footwear-protector-150-ml
    DFNS footwear protector 150 ml

7 Items

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The right products will keep your Shabbies Amsterdam items clean and beautiful. Use the Dry Cleaning Rubber for products made of suede or nubuck. The leather cream is suitable for the maintenance of smooth, hand buffed and structured leather. If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service department.